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Tally Upgrade

Tally Upgrade is the world’s most powerful concurrent multi-lingual integrated business accounting & inventory management software that keeps pace with your complex business demand & simplifies growth. The dynamic features and MIS Capabilities in TallyPrime are designed to simplify your business operations while giving you complete control over your accounting, inventory and statutory process.

Features TallyPrime Server TallyPrime Gold
Users Only for single user Unlimited user through local LAN / Up to 10 users through server
Installation All users have their own software in their system All users can access one software in their system
Access Only one user can read & write at one time Many users can read & write simultaneously
Advantages Not efficient for multiple work Efficient for multiple work

Why Upgrade TallyPrime Gold to TallyPrime Server?

Tally Prime Server is a must have for large and small businesses looking for efficient functions to transform their business.

Features TallyPrime Gold TallyPrime Server
Concurrency low high
Security Less Secure Highly Secure
Reliability Comparatively low highly Reliable
Connection Peer-to-Peer Server based
Request Performed Queuing of modification request No queuing of modification request
Action Performed Blocking of other users task while working Non blocking
Consistency/Efficiency Comparatively low High
Maintenance Comparatively High Low


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