Every business has one common objective, and that is to attain growth. With TallyPrime, you can dive deeper into the crucial business insights and make decisions that help your business grow. The application offers amazing features like "Go to" and "Customizable Reports," which enables you to determine the look of the reports and share them the way you want. The software supports you in managing multiple companies and adding features, like multi-currency, order process, multiple go-downs, cost-centers, and much more. With TallyPrime at your disposal, you can do away with complexities and focus better on business growth.

With fast and easy bills Receivables and Payable Management, Ageing Analysis, Multiple Bill Management, Interest Calculations, Cash Flow Projection, and Credit Control Techniques, TallyPrime provides you full control over cash flow. Additionally, the insightful reports help you make the right business decisions that promote growth and success in the long run.

TallyPrime helps you make the most out of your business data in the least time possible. With the software, you can view reports anytime (even in the middle of a voucher entry), load another company's report without disturbing the activity you were on, remove irregularities or odd details from every report, and much more. All these can be done at a flick of fingers, enabling you to work faster.

No more errors in your accounting books with TallyPrime. The software prevents, detects, and corrects your books to ensure that the returns you file are always accurate.

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Here are answers to the most asked questions

Tally is simple and specifically designed to assist people from non-IT and non-accounts backgrounds to do accounting easily. It simplifies the task of discovering information, managing cash flows, and navigation through several companies' reports without the need to remember the pathways and so much more. Start using TallyPrime to manage your business better than ever.

The process of setting up TallyPrime is quite easy. Just download the software, install it on your system, and start transaction processing.

Learning TallyPrime is no big task. Anyone can learn it in a few days and perform accounting and inventory transactions like a pro. If you still need an accountant, you can search online, shortlist your options, and evaluate and select the right candidate.

No. Anyone can learn and use Tally in no time. The accounting software will help you track business performance, organize data, and make informed decisions to attain the best outcomes.

With TallyPrime, you get a 360° view of your business. It helps you dive deeper into the business reports related to Accounting, Inventory, Financial, Management control reports (MIS), and Statutory. The insights help you make informed decisions for business growth and success.

TallyPrime offers you the privilege to securely access important business reports from a web browser, on any device, anywhere, and at any time.

TallyPrime comes at a one-time cost of Rs. 18000, excluding 18% GST for a single user. To get a multi-user license, the cost increases to Rs. 54,000, excluding 18% service tax. After one year, you must renew TSS to enjoy the benefit of value-added services.

Yes, we can. TallyPrime is simple to use software with easy and consistent navigation. By learning all its features once, you can use it completely, and if any issue arises, our experts are here to help.

TallyPrime helps you manage Accounting, Banking, Payroll, Inventory, Statutory and compliance, and various other processes.

A multi-user license allows unlimited users on a single LAN, each having the power to handle large volumes of transactions.

Constant dedication, countless hours, and commending efforts have been put in to make TallyPrime a reliable product to use. It maintains the confidentially of your crucial business data by only allowing authorized users to access it. Even in situations of power failure, network disruption, or a system reboot, your data remains safe and intact.


TallyPrime (SILVER)

Single user edition

For Standalone PCs

INR 18,000

+18% GST (INR 3,240)

  • Easy to use Control Panel
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Tally.ERP9 vs TallyPrime

# Tally.ERP9 TallyPrime
Access Tally Data Allows access to company data through setting a data path Allow access to company data from any path, location, and at any time. Also, allow users to view the data status like Data Corrupted or Migration Required
Multi-Tasking in Tally Can only be done by opening multiple Tally.ERP 9 Instances Enables multi-tasking in just one Tally Prime Instance. Just check the Opened Reports in "Go To" Feature
Chart of Accounts Users are required to make a minimum of three clicks to open each account, like Tally > Display > List of Accounts. With the ‘Chart of Accounts’ option, you can access all your masters, including groups, ledgers, voucher types, cost centers, etc., from one screen.
Supplementary Details Fill in the necessary details and pass through supplementary details Add a few details required most of the time as ‘Permanent details’ in ‘configuration’ and add rest in supplementary details.
Copy/Paste in Tally Keys that Copy and Paste in Tally.ERP 9
Keys that Copy and Paste in TallyPrime
Change Voucher Mode There are three options available in 3 different places, making navigation easier. In a sales voucher or any other voucher, the Change Mode gives you three options: Item Invoice, Accounting invoice, and As invoice.
Printing Invoice in Tally You can print sales invoices by clicking Alt+P in the sales invoice TallyPrime helps you to optimize printing to save paper. This feature will reduce a 6-page invoice to a 2-page invoice, saving printing, paper, and other costs.
Update details in Transaction It requires you to pass through all items to update details in a specific item Go to the ‘More Details’ option in the transaction and update details of specific items seamlessly

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