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Tally Prime

TallyPrime is a strong, intuitive accounting and business management program made to simplify financial operations. TallyPrime's user-friendly design and extensive capabilities make difficult processes simple, improving the accuracy and efficiency of financial administration. Here is a thorough description of TallyPrime's two pricing tiers:

TallyPrime Silver Plan

The TallyPrime Silver Plan is intended for users who are both individuals and small enterprises. It offers crucial resources for managing inventory, executing basic financial operations, and keeping correct accounting.

Key Features:
  • Create and maintain ledgers, vouchers, and journals with ease using basic accounting.
  • Inventory management involves monitoring sales orders, purchase orders, and stock levels.

Price: The TallyPrime Silver Plan costs 18,000 plus 18% GST (Goods and Services Tax).

TallyPrime Gold Plan

For expanding companies that demand sophisticated accounting and administration tools, the TallyPrime Gold Plan is suitable. It offers additional tools for improved financial control in addition to having all the features of the Silver Plan.

Key characteristics (outside of those in the Silver Plan)
  • Advanced Accounting: Using consolidated financial reporting, manage numerous businesses and branches.
  • Business analysis: Use informative dashboards and reports to make smarter decisions.
  • Remote Access: With safe remote access to your Tally data, you may work from any location.

Pricing: The cost of the TallyPrime Gold Plan is 54,000 plus 18% GST.

Tally Software services

For companies looking for sophisticated accounting and management skills, HBS Solutions' Tally Software Services offer a complete solution. Our Tally Software Services are available in two different plans: Silver and Gold, both of which are intended to improve your financial operations. Here is a thorough explanation of each strategy

Silver Plan

Small enterprises and individuals can benefit from our Tally Software Services Silver Plan, which offers key features for effective management and flawless accounting.

Key Points:-
  • Create and manage ledgers, vouchers, and financial transactions with ease using accounting.
  • Maintaining an organized inventory requires keeping track of stock levels, sales orders, and purchase orders.
  • Create fundamental financial and inventory reports to help you make well-informed decisions.

Price: The Silver Plan costs 3,600 plus 18% Goods and Services Tax.

Gold Plan

For medium-sized firms and organizations that require thorough financial control and cutting-edge management capabilities, there is the Tally Software Services Gold Plan.

Key Providers (apart from Silver Plan features):
  • Multi-Company Management: Access consolidated financial information while effectively managing several firms and branches.
  • Business analysis: For better decision-making, gain insights through thorough reports and interactive dashboards.
  • Remote access: To ensure continuous work continuity, access your Tally data securely from anywhere.

Price: The Gold Plan costs 10,800 plus 18% GST.

Tally Prime Server

The foundation of collaborative accounting and management is TallyPrime Server. It enables companies to connect numerous users and work on TallyPrime data at once. TallyPrime Server makes sure everyone is on the same page by exchanging information and changes in real-time, regardless of whether your staff are dispersed across several departments or locations.

Key characteristics:
  • Multi-User Access: Enable multiple people to access and edit TallyPrime data at once, encouraging effective collaboration.
  • Real-time data sharing: Make sure that everyone has access to the most recent financial data, hence removing data inconsistencies.
  • Data Security: Maintain the integrity of your data by using secure user authentication, access controls, and permissions that are determined by your role.


Please get in touch with us at tally@hbsmail.in if you would like more information about the pricing for our TallyPrime Server solution.

TS Plus

The sturdy TallyPrime add-on TS Plus increases its functionality. It is designed to meet particular business requirements and provides unique solutions to improve your financial management and reporting procedures. With TS Plus' seamless integration with TallyPrime, you can take advantage of a greater range of functions that are adapted to your industry and operating needs.

Key characteristics:
  • Custom Reporting: Create sector-specific reports to gain a deeper understanding of your company's performance and aid in decision-making.
  • Use advanced analytics to go through your financial data in search of trends, patterns, and business prospects.
  • Access modules created for particular sectors, which can help you efficiently manage special processes and requirements.
  • Workflow automation: By automating repetitive operations, you can streamline workflows while saving time and lowering the likelihood of errors.


Please email us at tally@hbsmail.in for further information about the costs associated with our TS Plus solution.

Tally Single User and Multi-User Pricing

We at HBS Solutions are aware that companies can be any size or shape. Because of this, we provide Single-User and Multi-User licensing options for TallyPrime. Each choice has a unique mix of benefits to meet your individual needs. Let's examine the costs and advantages of each form of license:

Single-User License

Price: The cost of the single-user license is 18,000 plus 18% GST.

  • A single user only needs access to TallyPrime in small firms, freelancers, or other situations where the Single-User license is the most cost-effective option.
  • Simple: This license provides you with all the resources necessary for precise accounting and inventory management if you handle your finances independently.
  • Create fundamental financial and inventory reports to help you make well-informed decisions.
  • Effortless Use: Discover TallyPrime's user-friendly design and features tailored to certain users.

Multiple User License

The cost of the multi-user license is 54,000 plus 18% GST.

  • Team Collaboration: Perfect for companies where several team members require concurrent access to TallyPrime. Work effortlessly together on management and accounting responsibilities.
  • Real-Time Updates: Use real-time data sharing and cooperation to make sure everyone is aware of the latest developments.
  • Enhanced analytics, business insights, and improved decision-making are all possible with advanced reporting thanks to team-driven data analysis.

Price: The Gold Plan costs 10,800 plus 18% GST.

Selecting the appropriate license for you
  • If you are a person: The Single-User license provides a cost-effective solution catered to your needs if you're a freelancer or lone business owner.
  • For tiny companies: The Multi-User license encourages efficient teamwork and in-the-moment collaboration if your company has a team that needs access to TallyPrime.

Purchase and renewal of Tally software

Purchasing or renewing Tally software licenses is a straightforward process tailored to your needs.

To buy
  • Evaluate: Understand the scope of your business.
  • Choose: Choose between single-user or multi-user licenses.
  • Reviews: Check prices and features on our website.
  • Customize: Contact us at tally@hbsmail.in for a customized solution.
  • Security: Complete your purchase through our secure gateway.
Renewing your license is just as easy:
  • Stay updated: Note the license expiration date.
  • Discover what's new: Get to know the latest features.
  • Contact: Contact tally@hbsmail.in to initiate renewal.
  • Renew: Use an updated license key.
Common problems are solved smoothly:
  • Increase the number of users: Seamless transition to a multi-user license.
  • Unique needs: We offer customization to your requirements.
  • Missed renewal: Contact us immediately for advice.

Features of Tally software

Billing and accounting

TallyPrime makes it incredibly easy to create and record invoices. Optimized invoice components, tons of configurations, multiple billing modes and so on... make TallyPrime truly customized to your business. TallyPrime's wide range of features makes it a simple accounting system.

Supply Management

TallyPrime features make it one of the most flexible systems for optimal inventory management. Features like godown management, multiple inventory valuation, production, batch and expiration date, costing etc. and powerful inventory reports make inventory management a breeze.

Clear business news

TallyPrime comes with over 400 business reports that are easily accessible with powerful insights that enable you to make informed decisions. TallyPrime's amazing flexibility allows you to slice and dice your reports and view them the way you want, the way that works for your business. .

GST / Taxation

With TallyPrime, you can generate GST compliant invoices like tax bill, delivery note etc. in seconds and file accurate GST returns every time. what's more You can automatically generate an electronic invoice and immediately print invoices with IRN and QR code. You can also manage TDS, TCS and statutory wages like PF, ESI and Employee Income Tax using TallyPrime features.


TallyPrime comes with a wide range of banking features/utilities to help you manage all your banking needs with ease. Using TallyPrime banking features like automatic reconciliation of bank accounts, predefined check formats, check management, e-payments, etc. makes banking an easy task.

Why choose the HBS solution?

Choosing an HBS solution for your Tally software needs will provide a seamless and rewarding experience.

The reasons are:-
  • Skills: With years of industry experience, we offer in-depth knowledge and understanding of Tally software and applications.
  • Customized solutions: Our offerings are designed to meet your unique needs, whether you are an individual, small business or large corporation.
  • Secure Transactions: Our secure payment gateway provides security for your transactions and gives you peace of mind.
  • Updates: Keep up to date with the latest features and updates with our refresh services to ensure your software is always the best.
  • Fit: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We can tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Ease of use: Our systems are user-friendly and ensure smooth operation from purchasing to renewing licenses.
  • Trusted Partner: We have earned your trust through reliability, quality service and dedication to your success.

Whether you download, upgrade or purchase Tally software, HBS Solutions is your trusted partner. Join us to simplify your account management needs.


FAQs: Tally Software

Visit our official website or contact us at tally@hbsmail.in for detailed information about the latest version of Tally.

Upgrading is recommended as it provides access to new features, better performance, security updates and compatibility with the latest technologies.

Tally Solutions is a renowned software company offering innovative solutions for accounting, finance, inventory and business management.

Tally software simplifies accounting, inventory management, payroll, compliance and provides clear reports for informed decision making.

Depending on your needs, additional costs may include customization, support, and annual renewal fees for continued access to updates.

Yes, Tally software can be customized to your unique business needs. Contact tally@hbsmail.in for a customized solution.

Tally offers a free trial with limited features for research purposes. Contact us for full version details and pricing.

Tally provides regular updates with new features and improvements to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

To renew your licence, please contact us at tally@hbsmail.in. We will go through your process and issue an updated license and key.


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