Tally Synchronization

Tally Synchronization facilitates sharing of data between two or more instances of Tally. It enables data replication between two or more locations, enabling branches to periodically synchronize their data with the head office. Thus, synchronization works both ways, i.e., data flow from the client to the server or vice versa, depending on your user-defined configurations.

The process also ensures that when alterations are made in one system, they are reflected in all the systems the same way, thus eliminating discrepancies and errors. It creates harmony and consistency among all the systems having access to the data.

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Benefits of Tally Synchronization

  • Data availability: Data is available locally, even without any connection to a central database. So, you can access data anytime without worrying about the failure of a network connection.
  • Response time: Synchronization improves response times for data requests by processing them on a local server and taking off the workload from a central database server.
  • No errors: With data synchronization, the changes made in one system reflect on all the systems, ensuring personnel access the same data without discrepancies and errors.

Highlights of Tally Synchronization are:

  • Simple to use, efficient, and cost-effective mechanism
  • Easy to set-up
  • Real-time data update at all locations
  • A single click is required for running sync. Syncing can be done any number of times as and when required
  • Adaptable to an occasionally connected environment

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